Hatchlings UNITE! (Former Students)

Through comments on the blog, Alex, one of my former students included a story about how a few of his friends sent each other “Hatchmemories,” which included stories from their time in my class. Some former students have already commented on other posts (keep it coming).

Well, this page is for you…my hatchlings.   I have dedicated this page to former students.  Feel free to send comments about your lives; past, present, or future.  One of the most validating things for a teacher to receive is positive communication from former students.

Thank You Hatchlings,

Mr. Hatch

89 Responses to Hatchlings UNITE! (Former Students)

  1. Molly Krost says:

    Mr. Hatch, you have a fan base now? With its own name? Wow, so much has changed! Are you back teaching at Los Arboles? My brother was visiting today and said he thought he saw you setting up a classroom? If you are I want to come by and visit before I leave the area again! I hope you’ll let me loiter in your classroom after school and bother you again like the countless times I did before.

    • Administrator says:

      So sorry I missed this!!! It has been a CRAZY few months. I have been wondering about you and hoping all is well. So good to at least hear from you. I won’t go into too much detail right now, but now that I have an email address for you I’d like to keep in better touch with you. I see these new commercials with Hans and Frans and you instantly come to mind. I hope life has treated you well. Please let me know how things are, and I will be glad to give you the low down of my happenings. Again, so sorry I got to this so late. I would have loved to catch up. I will write to you this week (9/7/14) on the email you provided. Talk to you soon!

  2. Alex, your favorite student says:


    • Administrator says:

      I tried, but right now it looks like I’ll be back at Los Arboles. I wish I could join you, but either way I’m sure you’ll do great.

      • Alex, your favorite student says:

        I hear you might be teaching some “academics” class next year at mahs? If so and if its only for freshman I’m going to be your TA, I called dibs already.

        • Administrator says:

          Thanks for continually thinking of me. I still don’t know what will happen, but I would be glad to have your help if I were there. As of right now, I am still going to be here at Los Arboles. I’m sure you’ll know if that changes. Until then, keep in touch and keep working hard.

          • Alex, your favorite student says:

            Well i’ve been hearing from people that you’re going to be teaching at mahs now so is that confirmed and what will you be teaching?? If you are then can you please come tomorrow, Julissa and I won’t be here next week so we’ll miss you, if you come next week :(

  3. Oh snaps Mr.Hatch i just found your website this is super cool,I just saw you yesterday at MaHS and i really hope you are our sophomore English honors teacher next school year cause life would be made and this page is super cool. I don’t know how i just found out about this #teamhatchlings. I hope i used correct grammar and punctuation because Youre an English teacher . i have a knock knock joke by the way.

    “Knock Knock”
    (i’ll pretend you said “Who’s There?”)
    “Hatch who?”
    “Bless you”

    Alright Mr.Hatch ill see you again soon !

    • Administrator says:

      I’ll leave your grammar and punctuation out of this. It’s nice to hear from you Ella. I have to say, of all the jokes I’ve heard about my name, your joke is new to me and made me laugh out loud (you may know that as LOL). I would love to teach any of you again…well, some of you…no, all of you;) Finish the year strong and enjoy your summer break.

  4. Janeva says:


    • Administrator says:

      I’m sorry you are so hurt, but my feelings for you haven’t changed. Great to hear from you. I hope you had a wonderful freshman year and are looking forward to the summer. Practice ball handling and shooting with your opposite hand to open up your game a bit more.

  5. Julissa says:

    Can we plan a English family reunion? I feel like all of us were crushed finding out you had been at Los Arboles, BUT DIDN’T VISIT US. OR NOTIFY US THAT YOU WERE GOING TO VISIT. Please and thank you Mr. Hatch
    P.S. Marco handwriting seems slowly but surely getting better.

    • Administrator says:

      First of all thank you for continually working with Marco as he needs all the help he can get. Secondly, I was at Los Arboles for business purposes. I will be doing some research for my graduate program and needed to get Mrs. Tyson’s approval. Sorry I did not let anyone know, but the plan was to go and leave after the signature. Enough with the CAPS yelling at me. I’ll get something together, I promise. I will visit Mr. Lavalley at some point too. Please, patience with me.
      Thanks for thinking of me Smiles.

  6. DJ Creamy Toast says:

    Yo yo yo Mr. Hatchy. It’s DJ Creamy T. or you may have known me as “Leslie Garcia”. I’m thinking of going into the business of DJ-ing. I’ll travel around the U.S. and DJ at the most popin’ clubs that any wanna be DJ dreams of turning their tables in! In other news; I guess MHS is okay, too many people for my liking. I have so many things I would like to talk about with you! In the beginning of the high school year, me and Kalista felt a gap in our days with out a journal entry every morning, so we decided we would wright in our very own personal journals. That only lasted one entry… But the point in that story was that we miss you! I didn’t care for my English teacher this year, I think it’s because I had 2 marvelous teachers in a row, you & Ms. Theobald. These new people just don’t qualify to be in “The Leslie Garcia Experience”. Let us know when your back in town, we’ll be sure to drop our “busy schedules” to come visit!

    • Administrator says:

      I am sorry to here about this year. It seems as though having such a high bar set by Ms. T and myself would make the qualifications for being part of “The Leslie Garcia Experience” rather difficult for those trying to get in. Let your door person, with the list and velvet rope, know that individuals shouldn’t be compared, but experienced as the unique individuals that they are. Imagine if I were to have judged you based on my impressions of Ivan?
      What music will you play?
      How would a critic review a clubbing session put on by the LGE?
      I miss you as well, I returned in December and have struggled a little with the transition. Transitions aren’t easy are they? I am currently at home working on my master’s program. It has been a good break from teaching, and an amazing journey around the U.S. Great to hear from you!

  7. Alex, your favorite student says:

    Happy New Years Mr. Hatch!

    • Administrator says:

      Thank You! Feliz año nuevo a mi amigo!

      • Alex, your favorite student says:

        So are you back now Mr. Hatch? How was/ is the trip? Are you going to go back to teaching? If you are GO TO MARINA or even seaside lol i’ll switch to SHS if you start teaching there. Miss you lots Mr. Hatch

        • Administrator says:

          I am currently home and continuing to work on my master’s program. My trip was amazing as you could have probably guessed from the blog and pictures. I am not sure what I am going to do yet for next year, but I will surely keep your advice in mind. I hope all is well with you, your family, and friends in the new year.

  8. Alex, your favorite student says:

    Hi Mr.Hatch! Wow I havent been on here in a while because when i went on a a few weeks ago it directed me to this other website??? Anyways how are you Mr.Hatch? How’s the adventure so far? I bet you have so many stories to tell about. I seen that picture of the bear in the woods. Was it scary seeing one out in the open like that? Hope everythings going good.

    • Administrator says:

      Great to hear from you Alex! Not too scary as I rarely go too deep into the woods. Most bears in these parks are so used to people that they either go the other way or ignore you. Not to say that my heart doesn’t get going a bit when I see an animal that could essentially injure and/or devour me. These guys aren’t cuddly care bears or anything, I just keep my distance and take pictures with my zoom lens.

      • Alex, your favorite student says:

        I thought my post didnt send since it didnt do that “Your conment is awaiting moderation” thing but it did! Lol, have you ever seen anything unusual in the woods? Maybe like bigfoot? Haha just kidding, i’m in to conspiracy theories and stuff like that.

        • Administrator says:

          No bigfoot, and I’ve definitely been in areas where they have been spotted. My wife actually knows a guy that is a major bigfoot tracker and uses all that infrared camera/night vision equipment. I love conspiracy theories too. I swear I’ve seen a UFO. I know people that have had some serious ghost encounters. I’ve had a questionable one. Have you had any strange occurrences in your life?

          • Alex, your favorite student says:

            That’s pretty cool, & yeah i’ve seen weird green lights in the sky every once in a while. Lol, or hearing airplane like stuff go by when im sleeping. Nothing crazy though.

  9. Ricky the Best Robot Dancer says:

    Mr Hatch (at least I hope this you and not an imposter)Hey!I have been working on both Breakdancing and the Robot.So yeah if this is an imposter I will find the Real Mr Hatch.Ok Mr Hatch you’re welcome for the cereal that me and Bryan gave you.Oh and we made a YouTube channel to post pranks and dance videos which we named “The Hatching Pandas’.You’re welcome.

    • Administrator says:

      Wonderful Robot Ricky! I look forward to viewing said Youtube channel. I appreciate the nod in the name. By the way this is an imposter. I am no where near as awesome as this Mr. Hatch you speak of. He’s seems untouchably amazing. Quite possibly one of the most astounding people I have ever heard of. He must be some sort of genius ninja superman type. I hope someday I can be as stupendous as this Mr. Hatch you speak so highly of.

      Not Mr. Hatch

  10. Alex, your favorite student says:

    MR HATCH, My teacher, Mrs. Raanan, thought I should’ve been in a harder class since all my work is way above average & she finally switched my classes to Honors English today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Administrator says:

      Congratulations my friend!!! Keep up the good work, there’s an infinite universe of possibilities out there!

  11. Marissa says:

    Am I considered a “Senior Hatchling”? The Hatchling concept didn’t exist to my knowledge when I was a student…

    • Administrator says:

      You are, and I’m proud to say so! You were one of the first to take advantage of my good natured instincts. I typically pick up pencils (or anything else) if a student drops something near me. I can usually do this without skipping a beat of teaching. I remember quite clearly that you would do this on purpose to see if I would notice. I remember specifically when this happened and you did it once too many times. You laughed, I caught on and kicked your pencil right out the door. Good times. I think that one cost me teacher of the year though. Thanks Marissa. Hope all is well, and you are always welcome on my blog space.

      • Marissa says:

        HAHA! The funny thing is I was only a pill (intentionally) in your class from what I remember. You taught me a majority of my sarcasim, though I have turned it down a pretty good amount in the past year or so. You were the only person who challenged my attitude and would give it right back to me twice as hard, so I strongly believe you had something to do with creating the monster I was back then!

        • Administrator says:

          Thank you..? Not sure how to respond to that one. I don’t recall lecturing on sarcasm. I feel that if you need to blame someone, then I can take it. I guess in turn I shall blame you for the beginning of my future break down. THanks AlOt!

          • marissa says:

            Ooooooooooh that was a good burn I have to give you that one. I am sorry I am a cause to your breakdowns. That one hit. A soft spot. Harsh!

          • Administrator says:

            Would you rather hear that you are another drop in the river, a brick in the wall, or would like to be the trend setter, the one that started it all? Whatever it may be, I remember your first and last name. That is a testament to the time we spent together way back in those awkward middle school years. Forever a Hatchling.

      • Marissa says:

        By the way… It was my brand new Nacho Libre talking pen. It yelled “NACHOOOOOOOOOOO” right out the door. Im scarred for life thank you.

  12. How’s your journey going so far Mr. Hatch? Really busy i bet. Well i’m sorry i haven’t been on in a while, i’ve barely had time to do anything this past week, but i seen your pictures & posts, they’re really interesting & you take amazing pictures, you should go on my instagram & see my pictures, i’ll link it to my name. The picture of the moon during sunset is my favorite. What state are you in? You haven’t posted in like 3 days! You should post up that picture of you in your TMNT outfit, i’ll email it to you. Well in other news, I’m kind of mad with highschool right now, they changed almost all of my classes without even consulting me. My new biology teacher really can’t teach. Alrighty well bye Mr. Hatch i look forward to your next post.

    • Administrator says:

      I am really busy, but I got some time for you. I’ll see what I can do about the TNMT pic. Thanks for the compliment on the pictures. I’ve been doing it for a while and took classes in college too. I am currently in Wyoming and on my way to South Dakota in a couple days. I went on your instagram and besides the “colorful” language (or should I say “sentence enhancers”) and mass pictures of food you take some nice photos as well. I love the rain one! Keep working hard. You’ll be fine. If you ask nicely, without attitude, maybe they’ll tell you why your classes were switched.

      • You went to Mount Rushmore! That’s pretty awesome, i wish i could travel the country like that. I told you i was really fat but u just never gained any weight! Lol sorry for all the sentence enhancers. Anyways tomorrow is the Jrotc Individual Drill Test & im pretty nervours beacuse i’m 4th in line! But if you remember Vikashni, she’s first then Dalanna, Juliet, & then Me. They mark you down for everything!!!

        • By the way, do i send the TMNT picture to this website or your email?

        • Administrator says:

          You’ll be fine…good luck. Someday you can travel to wherever in the world you want to go. No need to apologize as that is your personal space to express yourself freely…as long as nobody gets hurt.

          • Alex, your favorite student says:

            Well i took my test today & got an 87% which is supposedly “pretty good” but i don’t think so compared to everyone else, but i’m glad it’s done & over with

          • Administrator says:

            Try not to compare yourself to others. It’s hard not to, but your progress, and your improvement should be all that matter. Everyone thinks differently, works differently, tests differently. Never judge who you are on a test. You’re right, it’s over and done with now. Look at how you studied and prepared. How can you improve that? Your a Freshman and once you figure out how best studying works for you, you’ll be golden. I Believe in YOU! But it’s more important that you do.

  13. Paige Axton says:

    Hey, Mr. Hatch! What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?

    • Administrator says:

      You smell like corn? (i know, that one is bad)
      What was that “ear”y sound… is someone stalking us?
      You’re so husky! You butter not talk to me that way!
      I’m gonna join the army and become a “kernel” when I grow up.
      Maybe, your jokes are corny.
      Ha, you see what I did with that last one?
      Please tell me, the suSpencer is killing me.

  14. RobertThePunMaster says:

    I guess you can say this is a very EGG-citing and EGG-travagant time in your life.

    • Administrator says:

      EGG-cellent Robert, nice to hear from you. I saw a video of you using your pick-up lines in front of the whole school. Please be sure to save some as your future may depend on it. Do you think that if the TARDIS and the flux capacitor traveled to the exact same point in time on the space/time continuum that time as we know it would cease to exist? Then what? Would Doc Brown and Doc Who collaborate? Would Micheal J. and whoever the companion at that time period even get along? Where is this line of questions heading?

      You’ve probably already got this one:”Did you just get hit in the head with a baseball? Because I think you’re swell!”
      If not, go for it!

  15. Dilemma says:

    So mr. hatch I watched my first horror movie in the movie theaters yesterday and it wasn’t that bad! If you call my little sister and I stretching out my moms jacket being not bad then yeah it wasn’t! hahahah :D Who am I kidding it was terrifying! And I think I’m actually scarred for life. I suggest that you shouldnt watch it. I doubt the Hatch beard would be scared of it but you never know. All I know is Never again for me! xD Until later c: -

    • Administrator says:

      That was such an amazing analogy that I actually LOLd…I’ll say it, I laughed out loud. Of course I was in my van and nobody heard it. I guess that makes it all the more special of a moment. I don’t blame you one bit. The beard, you’re right, would not be frightened, as Hatch beard does not scare easily. Unless of course this horrible horror movie had sharp objects such as razors or electric beard trimmers ;) I don’t like horror movies one bit and I’m glad to hear we’re on the same page. The more you watch them, the more desensitized you become to scary things. Let’s face it some things are supposed to be scary, not cool. I see no dilemma here…way to go Skyscraper!

  16. Kr!st!n T says:

    I was not a student, but can I still be a Hatchling???

  17. kerry horan malik tomlinson styles payne hutcherson lautner reynolds hemsworth stubbs ribeiro lubbe pine efron crawford westwick martin slade wysoki king welsh sheeran stamos mayer ackles padalecki murray walker gyllenhaal labeouf bloom di caprio kutcher says:

    omg mr hatch i miss you so muchhhh! i cant believe i missed you when you came to los arboles the other day! well im kinda getting over one direction.. did you watch their movie!? niall’s birthday was 2 days ago. my baby’s 20 now. but yeah high schools alrighttt. the people are so annoying. i dont know anyone because im in maos so all my classes are with those kids and theyre all so smart and proper and its so annoying. kalista is getting really mean and has a horrible attitude hahaha its so bad. i dont have any classes with anyone except for the guitar class with edward. and OH MY GOD i found the love of my life. hes tall and blonde with blue eyes and he plays guitar really good and we’re soulmates but he has a girlfriend and hes a junior and hes only said like 5 words to me but he’s just playing hard to get because he knows that we’re gonna get married after him and his ugly annoying girlfriend break up. but yeah all my teachers are alright except my algebra 2 teacher. my 21st century teacher reminds me of you kinda. mr woods; he used to be principal or vice or something at lams. but yeah. oh and i met a south african guy who’s really tall too and we might get married but who knows ya feel? okay well i miss you so much mr hatch you have to come visit after your travels which i hope youre enjoying :) okay adiosss!

    • kerry horan malik tomlinson styles payne hutcherson lautner reynolds hemsworth stubbs ribeiro lubbe pine efron crawford westwick martin slade wysoki king welsh sheeran stamos mayer ackles padalecki murray walker gyllenhaal labeouf bloom di caprio kutcher says:

      oh and alex, im his favorite sorry

      • Administrator says:

        Can’t we all just agree that equality is best;)

      • Lolololololololol. This is a misconception. Why do you think Mr. Hatch put me RIGHT in front of his desk? Because I AM his favorite. Hashtag you tried.

        • kerry horan malik tomlinson styles payne hutcherson lautner reynolds hemsworth stubbs ribeiro lubbe pine efron crawford westwick martin slade wysoki king welsh sheeran stamos mayer ackles padalecki murray walker gyllenhaal labeouf bloom di caprio kutcher says:

          awww thats why i was in that same seat for avid… a class you werent in :) )))) and plus he just wanted me to be closer to BOTH his front and side desk instead of just one. sorry buddy. hashtag you tried.

    • Administrator says:

      Boys, boys, boys…yeah, I feel. You didn’t want to believe me when I said you would get over them. I figured as soon as you went to high school there would be multiple new “soulmates,” and there is always tomorrow. Keep playing guitar, it’s an awesome party trick…you know, play shy like you’re no good, then pick it up and bam…every “cool” guy in the room melts, and every annoying girl wants you dead. Tell Mr. Woods I said hi and let him know what I’m up to, tell him where the blog is. I enjoyed working with him, he cracked me up. Oh and he’s a huge star trek fan, so when things aren’t going well for you, look up to the ceiling and yell, “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN” (pronounced: CON) He’ll know exactly what that is. IT was great to hear from you. Check in on me every so often and see where I’m at. Best of luck in MAOS. Talk to you soon.

      • Kr!st!n T says:

        Ask Kerry which love of her life she is referring to, because she’s told me about at least 5 of them by now.

        • Administrator says:

          Yeah, she’s got a lot of love in her heart huh?

        • kerry horan malik tomlinson styles payne hutcherson lautner reynolds hemsworth stubbs ribeiro lubbe pine efron crawford westwick martin slade wysoki king welsh sheeran stamos mayer ackles padalecki murray walker gyllenhaal labeouf bloom di caprio kutcher says:

          its the same love that i first told you, the junior with the girlfriend but we’re soulmates anyways. at first i thought he was a senior so i might’ve said that but then i figured out hes a junior haha he’s my main love though. i just have to figure out his last name so i can add it to my list on here

          • Administrator says:

            Ha, I just imagined what your signature would look like with a name like that.
            Any business…”Sign here please.”
            You with that look you give…”That’s not gonna be enough room.”
            Any business…silent confusion intertwined with a blank stare.

            You crack me up! well my image of you cracks me up…no you do too!

          • Well then, it looks like you have an extra year to alert him to the fact that you’re soul mates!

  18. Elena your favorite student says:

    I’m back haha I was looking through my camera roll and found pictures of you in the TMNT outfit and pictures of you with your hair in a ponytail! I laugh every time I see them. Anyway i feel so weird going to Lams everyday to pick up my sister and not seeing you there. But it’s more weird when I go to room 8 and see how different the room is. Haha ok bye mr hatch.

    • Administrator says:

      Yeah, what was I thinking, the things one must do to keep you all interested. I’m glad you can laugh at it, because I can too. It was weird for me to go there too.

  19. Jusneva ( Justine & Janeva your best and FAVORITE students ever ) says:

    hey Mr. Hatch its Justine and Janeva if you couldnt tell by the fantaboulous name up there ! Well 1st off i will never forget the time we watched twilight zone and that doll was creppin me out and i have honors english with Andy and its weird not having him and justice fighting over something #teamsadlife and i have AP Human Geo with Mahal and he still wears snazzy stuff! but good luck Curmudgeon! Dont forget my puff doe! lol but hers Janeva…..;)
    Haaay Mr. Hatch! how’s life without your favorite student ?! My life is pretty boring without my favorite teacher. Having you for two years of my life was one of the best school experiences I’ve had! Because of having Avid with you for two years, High school isn’t as hard as i though it would be. Right now Justine & I are both in Avid ( in the same class too ) and I actually do my summaries on my notes now hehe. We are both in the student council too. Turn up! oh and thank you for putting up with my Mindless Behavior/ Chris Brown/ Beyonce obessions. Can’t wait for you to come teach at Seaside when you come back ( hint hint) okay, bye favorite teacher to ever walk the face of the Earth!

    • Administrator says:

      Well, hello Jusneva! Yes, Justice and Andy made for an interesting dynamic to the class, and it wasn’t the same after Justice left (although Andy sure did try didn’t he). Glad to hear Andy and Mahal are doing well. Nice vocabulary useage!

      I truly enjoyed having both of you in class and it seems Seaside is lucky to have the both of you too. Just think, you have 4 years to run that place now. Run the government! I’m glad to hear I helped…keep doing what you do…oh, and…TURN UP! (I feel like I’m too old to write that:(…)

  20. It’s weird, when I think of it the only teacher I would’ve visited LAMS for was you, it’s weird having a new avid teacher he’s different,anyways here’s a joke I CAME UP WITH! So mr hatch what do u call a fake noodle! Get back to me please! Miss u much! Until then bye.

  21. Julissa says:

    That actually sounds really good.

  22. Julissa says:

    Honestly 4/5th period was your best class, and I was almost in all your classes. We constantly keeping talking about how much we miss you and we wouldn’t have gotten so close without your class. We will never forget the precious memories we had in Room 8, like Elena tripping Alex, your ninja turtle suit, and Marco even asked me out in Room 8. But we had a sub so you weren’t there hehe c: I met three bestfriends in that class, even if I’m friends with them or not, but the memories are endless. I looked forward to your class everyday and was usually the highlight of my day. I think Marco got annoyed of me talking about how great English was. That or annoyed of me talking in general (: no teacher can replace you, especially because no teachers help me pick on Marco except for like one. Everytime I hear the name,”Mr. Hatch” I go on a rant about how fabulous and fantastic you are ending with,”AND HE USED TO BUY ME CANDY.” I have one teacher that reminds me of you because he always outside doing something, tells lame jokes, and lies to us about little things. I really glad I took avid because if I didn’t I think I would of died by now in highschool. I really wanna see you because what bothered me most during summer that brought me down the most was feeling like I wouldn’t get the opportunity to talk to the greatest teacher in the world. I told my new English teacher that you had a power beard and she gave me a funny look and made me feel like I was dumb. What do you call a fake noodle? An IMPASTAAA!!! Marco likes to steal that joke and claim it as his own :(

    • Administrator says:

      Thank you for all the kind words. You were a very special group of students, and I couldn’t have asked for a better year. When I reach into the candy drawer I will forever be reminded of you and your chocolate addiction, as well as the sad/confused faces of the students that didn’t have access to the candy drawer.

      • Julissa says:

        If it wasnt against your rules at the time I would of totally handed out all my chocolate! And it’s not an addiction, it’s a life style! And I usually say its good for my soul when my parents get on me for my “chocolate habits” I would like you too know I have started highschool with a GPA of 4.14! I got me some bragging rights.

        • Administrator says:

          We like to call that a functioning addict. You are addicted, but it does not interfere with your everyday life. Apparently it doesn’t interfere with your grades either. Congratulations,4.14, your soul is swimming in chocolate!

  23. Shannon says:

    MR. HATCH! I keep seeing people writing to you. I miss you so much ): I’m so sorry that I didn’t come visit you on the last week of school. I left to my grandparents’ house. How’s the whole traveling and book writing coming along? Must be exciting seeing new places and being away from annoying kids! Just kidding… Kind of. Anyways, sophmore year is pretty big for me. 2 AP classes, and 1 Honors class. My GPA is almost 4.5!! I really hope you come back soon. I have so much to tell you! I miss you, hope you’re enjoying yourself, bye (:

    • Administrator says:

      Shannon (non annoying kid),
      I would expect nothing but amazing from you in school and in life. The classes look tough, but you work too hard to let them get to you. I will actually be leaving the area tomorrow. I am very excited about seeing the United States and sharing my experiences with everyone. I’m sorry I missed you at the end of last year too. I will see you again and I’m sure we will have lots to catch up on. Please keep following me as I will be posting daily. Don’t hesitate to let others know to follow me and send me some thoughts along the way on the Hatchlings site.
      Talk to you again soon.

  24. Jasmin A - the one who "stole" things of your desk haha. says:

    MR. HATCH !! Remember me ? The one girl that sat in the second desk right next to yours for two years ? Yep. Hi. Hah. I miss you ! I wish I had you as my English teacher this year ;/ . I miss your sarcastic-ness and when you picked on me hah. High school is ehhh. You know what you should do ? Come back. You were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, no lie. You made English easy and fun. But I hope you have a good time trying something new, just come and visit PLEASE. Happy trails to the best teacher EVER. (:

    • Administrator says:

      Jasmin? Not sure I ever taught a Jasmin before. I certainly wouldn’t tolerate a student stealing from my desk for two years.

      • Administrator says:

        Oh…Jasmin, yeah, now I remember! I take it back, I do remember dealing with a thieving chatterbox for two years. Thanks for checking in on the site. Feel free to anytime. I will be leaving tomorrow and I’ll be posting daily. Tell mom I said hi.

  25. Paige Axton says:

    So I accidently left a long babbling comment somewhere else on the website. Oh well :(

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