Meditations on a Journey

I’ve Seen

a thousand springs

a sad statue tall

a fool who sings

the colors of fall

the deserts deep

the bones of old

the mountains steep

the land not sold

the palette of the sky

the snow piled high

the rivers flow dry

that which will not die

a soul so new

the blinds loving sight

sweet trampled morning dew

staring eyes of light

the size of power

the grin of sorrow

an infinite hour

an impossible tomorrow

blinding information

teachers of life

the best of the nation

the best of my wife

nights of no sleep

dreams upon the road

beasts at night creep

pain from a heavy load

planets scattered above

rivers lit by the moon

packages of love

a sand slid dune

the morning come and rise

sulfur singed air

dark stormy skies

the lands of many fair

a mother hold her child tight

a coyote sprinting by

the young and old conduct a fight

love that lakes me cry

dry rolling tumbleweed

signs that told the truth

a cowboy perform a good deed

signs that told no truth

fall leaves that fall

signs in the rocks

the skeleton of a dead mall

signs in the skies form a whole

a stair to a fall

a stare to a soul


though the journey’s short indeed

I truly feel as though I’ve seen a lot

there is so much I still do need

see it all in this lifetime, I certainly shall not

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