Strange Things

“There’s something happening here.  What it is ain’t exactly clear…”

This is a compilation of some of:

The strange things I’ve seen on the road…

I have traveled extensively throughout the United States.  This trip alone I predict about 15,000 miles.  So, when I say I’ve seen some strange things, I’m not kidding around.  Luckily I don’t suffer from coulrophobia as I have seen cars of clowns on three occasions, in three different states (CA, OR, MD).  Once, we were driving up to a bridge (OR) and a guy was standing on the edge.  He seemingly picked out our car in line of non-distinct vehicles to wave to, with a big grin, before falling over the edge (continuing the waiving and grinning).  We don’t know how deep it was, or any other details, because it took us a few moments to figure out what happened.  Whatever he was doing jumping off of that bridge looked fun, so we left it at that.  We have been startled by a plane that sprays pesticides in fields as it swooped 20 ft. in front of us crossing the highway.  We definitely didn’t see that one coming, or hear it as we were probably playing music.  We had an argument between to cars chasing each other at unsafe speeds pass us.  The best/worst part was that they continued to argue through our car windows as they passed.  When we lived in D.C. we were witness to so many commuter conundrums.  Drivers eating such delicious meals as hot soup(witnessed a spill too), Chinese food (w chopsticks), and two handed sub sandwich munching, all during stop and go rush hour.  We saw an SUV balancing on top of a Corvette,  an entire garbage truck and its contents laying on the side of the road, and a tomato truck’s contents sauced across the road.  We drove through there a couple summers ago expecting to see something crazy since we hadn’t been there since 2004.  Lo and behold, a pick-up truck filled with garbage…all on fire.

As for this trip:

9/12/13 – Today I pulled up to a Cadillac from Oregon.  The license plate said SANTA…I had to see this!  I was a bit bummed to see that an old lady was driving.  Mrs. Claus I said and laughed to myself.  Then, there he was, in the passenger seat, Santa.  He had the stereotypical Chubby cheeks with white hair and beard.  I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed that he was wearing yellow, but maybe Santa is sick of red.  Maybe he actually hates red, but it’s expected of him by billions of children to wear that horrid color.  If you ever see Santa, who apparently lives in Oregon and isn’t ashamed of advertising who he is, ask him about his favorite colors.

9/17/13  In a small Idaho town of Cambridge I saw a Vegetable Stand with a guy out front.  He was on a wagon playing drums, guitar, and harmonica all at the same time.  He would also sing between harmonica blows.  Sorry So Blurry…Idaho Empty

9/17/13  On 71, along the Brownlee Reservoir, in a pull off spot was an RV that had literally burned/melted to the ground.  What a sight that must have been.  How scary for the owners…unless of course this is insurance fraud (so cynical, I know).  Look at the seat skeletons and just imagine…luckily captains don’t have to go down with these ships.



Oh, and I almost forgot about the first time that Michelle and I saw a sign, in the middle of this mountain forest drive, that said look out for live stock.  We laughed and thought why would cows be in the mountains.  We turned a corner and there they were right in the middle of the road and scattered throughout the forest.  Strange to us…Well on the way up to Hells Canyon again…


I guess if you ever wonder if they’ll have hamburgers in Hell, now you have your answer…I assume they’ll just cook them the opposite of what you like, and maybe there will be a hair in it or something.


Totally stoned on the side of the road…



Number Hill in Arco Idaho, the first town powered by atomic energy.  The numbers indicate every graduating class since 1902.  Cool concept and community building idea, but poor hill.  number hill So sorry nature.


“Where’s the bathroom?”

“Out front, across from the Delta Tau Chis house.”




Always great advice!


My picture didn’t do it justice, so check out this crazy house I saw as I was driving. It is called the Smith Mansion.  It’s found between Yellowstone and Cody WY in the Wapiti valley

I then saw a Big Boy statue in the middle of some ranch field near the Smith Mansion.


In Cody I saw a man on the side walk.  Not strange?  Sorry don’t have a picture, but he was riding his horse down main street.  Not in the street, no, on the side walk.  Horses certainly do have right of way in a cowboy town.

Not too many strange sightings for a while, but when it rains…


I drove by a gate that I thought would lead to my estate as it had my initials in iron on said gate…signed the same way I sign mine…


For some reason I couldn’t get in.  I moved on…


I drove through a tiny, tiny town called Christmas Michigan…


…of course there is a statue of Santa!

If you know me, then you know that I have no issues with diversity and/or preferences.  I want people to be happy.  I just hope that the people that live in this house don’t mind the sign in their front yard that indicates the direction to a near by town, or the direction one might lean in preference, or just simply being happy.  I could only imagine the issues the sign could have caused in this small town.  Another laugh out loud at the possibilities and a forced U turn to get the picture to remind me of these possibilities…



Strangely, I drove by, “The Last Place On Earth.”  I could imagine how some would be proud of this notion, where as others may be seriously depressed by it…


The Lakenland Sculpture park was really fun and included some really strange sightings…


You know you are in Canada when you see…


Apparently diesel fumes makes this guy horny…oh and General Robert E. Lee.


In the Carolinas I came across this in the shadows. My initial reaction…That’s a massive butt!



Upon further inspection…


I would hate to have to be the guy that has to open that Coke after the long haul…KA BOOM!


Nothing like a huge waste of resources.  This is a leaf blower in the Smokey Mts…on a busy, windy day. At least he knows he’ll be needed tomorrow.



Someone aught to tell this horse there is a bird pooping on his back…oh well, I heard it’s good luck!


Watch Out! Panthers might be crossing…in this 2 mile stretch only.  Must be fields of catnip on the other side.



If you ever see this sign (Everglades FL) please believe it!


IMG_2856 IMG_2831

There once was an ugly duckling…


Nothing says good summer fun like a Giant Beach Ball


If the weather gets that bad..?  Maybe we could find a safer place to build.





They do exist outside of the west!


Good morning tarantula!


This little piggy…almost got run over by me!


Actual tumbleweed…It was a stand off.


5 days of wearing a hat day and night…no shower in between.  My hair HURT!


You know your in the Southwest…Coyotes roaming the city streets of Albuquerque.

IMG_3039 IMG_3040

Old timey route 66 where the “BAR” is right across from the local high school (no kidding).  I could imagine looking out the window in math class imagining my future.


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