Meditations on Devil’s Hall

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Devil’s Hall

I have traveled great distances

I have touched the oceans of both sides

I have climbed mountains and descended caves

I have been to the depths of your canyons and explored your tower

I have come to this place to meet you

I have come to you hall to dine by your side

I have come to thank you for what you have bestowed

I have come grateful for the trials of life for the growing pains

I have traveled to this place to thank you for shaping me

I have walked the paths of stone and ice

I have trudged through the obstacles presented

I have arrived to find that you do not reside in this hall

I have learned that you are not found here on Earth

I have discovered that this place is filled

with too much beauty

with too much love

with too much life

I have observed that you do not exist in this place

I have concluded that you are just a name

one that can not be touched nor truly touch me

I have decided as I burn in this frozen sun

that it is I who I have to thank for the pain

that it is I who made mistakes and learned

that it was I all along and you but an excuse

I shall leave your hall still hungry on my quest

yet full of that which has helped me grow


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