In the Amharic language tezeta can be translated to nostalgia or memory, it is also a form of Ethiopian music that can loosely be equated to the blues in America. Ethiopian jazz has an interesting history and is a genre worth checking out.  The Ethiopiques series would be a great place to start.

Click on the word link above for Tezeta and listen to one of the finest examples, a favorite song of mine, by Mulatu Astatke.  I have listened to it thousands of times and it always reminds me and gives me the feeling of a deep, meaningful hug.  That is what this portion of my trip was.  I was hugged by nostalgia, by family, friends, love, friendship, memories of the good, the bad, my past life, who I was, who I am, who I will be.  I embraced them all and reflected deeply on their meanings.  The song has always meant a lot to me, it now goes even deeper.  Amazing how songs can do that.  They can have this deep meaning, and in a flash it transcends the previous meaning and becomes something on a whole different level.

Feel free to comment on the post.  Send me some of those songs that have that transcendent meaning to you.  You don’t have to explain why if you don’t want.  I could use some shout-outs from anybody following, and I always love new music to add to the vast repertoire .



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  1. Shell says:

    DJ Chris- Thank you for always selecting the perfect music. :)
    Enjoy the hug…

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